Justin Bieber’s Nail Polish Line

18 Nov

Yup, our favorite kid with the bangs in his face is coming out with a Nicole by OPI nail polish line, available at Walmart in December. The collection is named after his songs:

One Less Lonely Glitter (lavender)
Prized Possession Purple (grape)
Give Me The First Dance (silver)
Me + Blue (dark blue)
OMB! (bright red)
Step 2 the Beat of My Heart (heart-shaped glitter)

Apparently, unlike some other pop stars (e.g., Adam Lambert) the Biebs does not wear nail polish. But that doesn’t really matter because tons of his adoring teenage fans do, and they will continue to perpetuate his pervasiveness through the pop culture celebrity marketing machine. Justin Bieber has a nail polish line. What do you even do with that information?


YouTube and the Image Presentation

18 Nov

I meant to post this earlier and forgot. There’s some choice slides toward the end that I didn’t have time to discuss before we all grabbed beers.

Feel free to check them out and enjoy

Media Events, Spectacle- Youtube Presentation

NYU Prof to implant camera in his head for a museum exhibit

18 Nov

The Tisch professor will use a black lens cap to cover it up when he’s on University property. The images, taken at one-minute intervals, will be sent to monitors at a museum in Qatar.

CNET: Professor to have camera implanted in head

MNN: NYU professor to have camera surgically installed in back of his head

Sarah Palin’s Antics in Alaska

17 Nov

Is Sarah Palin’s new reality TV show just another attempt to stamp her “real”, down-to-earth image into popular consciousness? You betcha. Chris Hedges would have a field day with this – it’s a perfect example of politics turned into entertainment. I especially enjoyed the part where Palin comments that her 14-foot-high garden fence is “a good example of what we need to do to secure our nation’s borders”. Kudos for that oh so subtle political jibe. And this is the woman who might be running for president in 2012. Need I say more?

Mile High Text Club

17 Nov

Steven Slater, the former JetBlue flight attendant who grabbed the beer and popped the chute, is still riding out his 15 minutes of fame. He’s just signed up to pitch the new Mile High Text Club contest, which invites people to text 222-222-2222 (on Line2 from your Apple product) with their most outrageous flight stories. Winners get prizes ranging from a shopping trip to New York to iPod Touches. You can read the entries on the web at www.milehightextclub.com.

The New York Daily News interviewed Slater last Monday and he said, “When it came to discussing crazy behavior on an airplane, apparently my name just kind of bubbled up.” Gee, I wonder why?

The real purpose behind this contest is to promote the Line2 software that allows people to text in-flight on WiFi-equipped planes, and Line2 felt that hiring the “JetBlue jerk” would do the job.

Bikinis at the Ballots?

17 Nov



Apparently in Poland just about anyone can run for office. Including a pretty hot pop singer. Sarah May, or Katarzyna Szczolek-blahblahblah has decided that putting up posters of herself in a bikini will solidify her place as the District Council Seat in Bemowo, an area near Warsaw.

Her slogan, spelled out in blue lettering, is “Beautiful, independent, competent.” Maybe its the lettering. Maybe its her eyes. Or maybe its the fact that she would consider this a successful marketing move, but I’d vote for her. Something has to be said for the utter eye-catching genius behind this advertising/promotional campaign. She’s known for being racy, colorful and a hugely popular celebrity, so why not use these assets to her advantage? Literally?

Turns out Bemowo is where she’s originally from. And I guess she has some sort of formal education in “cultural policy, media, and soliciting funds from the European  Union.” The girl sounds more and more credible as time goes on doesn’t she? I don’t really know her agenda or platform, aside from that she wants to better her community. As funny as it is, I don’t see how her case is any different from the other runners in the elections. Not that I can even find anything on the other candidates, but there we have it. She’s atleast got some PR prowess in that her case has even made the Reuters World News Website. lol.

I like that celebrity figures feel confident enough to run for office. If they have an established following, I don’t see why or how it would be odd. They’re almost more authentic than real politicians. Celebrities don’t bring anything but an image, whereas actual candidates bring a backlog of previous elections, ill-timed statements, faulty agendas, and often awkward PR moments. Celebrities also have that tendency to be the next level up, as if with a little make up and a fabulous physique, anyone of us could be a star. So who doesn’t want to see the celebrity, someone ALMOST like us criticized as the underdog in any election, succeed and hold public office?

Looking back, perhaps Jesse “The Governing Body” Ventura, and “Governator” Schwarzenegger weren’t the best choices for office, but who’s going to knock them? They tried as best they could, added some sparkle and shine to bogged down states, and perhaps even stimulated the economy, just by being well-known celebrities. I can’t say I’m too happy with what Schwarzenegger has done for California, even though I voted for him, but I consider him an immense improvement over that Gray Davis guy.

And even with Schwarzenegger, it became so much more. There were the underlying emotions of an immigrant, rising up and becoming a true “American,” holding office and marrying an American family. There’s a lot to chew on there, but back to Kataryina-whatever-her-name-is.

This story caught my eye, and I hope you find it just as entertaining as I did. She’s clearly got some brains, but I just don’t know if they’re as significant as her bust. Hopefully, Bemowo will be able to decipher that one.

For now, here’s the Reuter’s article:


A Huffington Post article:


And a very cheesy, but pretty recent music video (lol):


Who doesn’t want to be her friend?

17 Nov

Badass huh?

In all actuality you can’t friend the Queen of England/The British Monarchy, but you can choose to (thumbs up) “like” her. Last Monday the Queen got a royal Facebook, adding it to her already royal Twitter and royal Flickr account. You can’t even tell her personal information like where she lives or what her political views are (lol) but you can follow what the Queen is up to with royal feed, photos and events.

Although not a big Britain fan myself (having a deep fascination with Irish culture/studies), I immediately “liked” the Queen’s page. Not that she even keeps track of her followers (she has over 260,000 people as her “likers”) but just the idea of being connected to someone like that is awesome. I woke up yesterday, had my tea, checked Facebook and behold! Prince William is engaged. It was somehow satisfying to know that I received this news officially. I’m up-to-date with the English Crown. lol

It is pretty funny how even the Queen has a Facebook. And doubly funny in that she also has a Twitter or Flickr. I guess it shouldn’t really come as a surprise, since everyone has social network accounts (I have 2 out of the 3 mentioned), but I mean you assume the Queen of England is above “such nonsense.” <– (I’m pulling out some English terms and accents here.) I guess she isn’t. I guess everyone wants to get a piece of the proverbial pie. Everyone wants to own some space on the internet, get that attention, work their magic. Even the Queen of England.

As much as I know the British Monarchy wants to be seen and felt within the popular community, this Facebook business is not just good PR. Perhaps its an extension of the monarchy into other locations. Like colonization, without the Native Americans. Maybe this step into the virtual world of Facebook is another way to assert the rights and privileges that come with being a head of state, ruling a country over 300 years old. Or maybe it’s a smart PR move to lift people’s minds off the crappy economy. Whatever it is, I know I like it better than “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” I won’t be “liking” that broad anytime soon.

Here’s the Reuter’s article: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE6A73FY20101108

And here’s the Royal Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheBritishMonarchy