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Digital Life Sacrifice Campaign (a.k.a. What were they thinking?)

8 Dec

In what has to be one of the most bizarre celebrity campaigns EVER,  18 A-list celebs announced their “digital deaths” starting December 1st, in order to raise money for charity. The goal was for these stars to sign off Facebook and Twitter until their fans donated $1 million to Alicia Keys’ “Keep a Child Alive” organization. The celebs even shot death-chic photos in coffins, to really drive the point home (as seen above).

Turns out the fans weren’t all that devastated about these celebrities’ social media “deaths”. 6 days into the campaign, Kim Kardashian & Co were still way off the targeted $1 million… and had to be bailed out by a Brooklyn billionaire so they could reclaim their Internet presence. Now that’s embarrassing.

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Sarah Palin’s Antics in Alaska

17 Nov

Is Sarah Palin’s new reality TV show just another attempt to stamp her “real”, down-to-earth image into popular consciousness? You betcha. Chris Hedges would have a field day with this – it’s a perfect example of politics turned into entertainment. I especially enjoyed the part where Palin comments that her 14-foot-high garden fence is “a good example of what we need to do to secure our nation’s borders”. Kudos for that oh so subtle political jibe. And this is the woman who might be running for president in 2012. Need I say more?

Perez Hilton’s YouTube Confession

17 Oct

Last week, Perez Hilton posted a YouTube video announcement, claiming that he no longer wants to be a bully via his celebrity blog. He said that the recent spate of teenage suicides had made him want to “be the solution, and not part of the problem”. It will be interesting to see if this reinvention impacts his popularity in any way. This also really reminded me of our discussion about the various ways in which people use YouTube. In this case, is Perez using YouTube as an efficient way to broadcast his genuine change of heart, or as a PR stunt? You decide.