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Antisocial Social Media

29 Nov

Social media is so social it makes us antisocial. The time we spend in front of our computers being social is explored by artist Cristin Norine, who along with Josh Elliott, founded the Public Isolation Project, showing us that by being social online, we are actually being antisocial. Setting up shop in a floor-to-ceiling glass-covered room on a corner in Portland, Cristin is now on the 29th day of her 30-day goal to be publicly isolated. Skyping, Facebooking, Tweeting, emailing, and IMing, all in a glass room for 30 days, to show that you can be completely cut off from human interaction, while still interacting with humans.


CNN: Exploring the anti-social side of social media


NYU Prof to implant camera in his head for a museum exhibit

18 Nov

The Tisch professor will use a black lens cap to cover it up when he’s on University property. The images, taken at one-minute intervals, will be sent to monitors at a museum in Qatar.

CNET: Professor to have camera implanted in head

MNN: NYU professor to have camera surgically installed in back of his head

Mile High Text Club

17 Nov

Steven Slater, the former JetBlue flight attendant who grabbed the beer and popped the chute, is still riding out his 15 minutes of fame. He’s just signed up to pitch the new Mile High Text Club contest, which invites people to text 222-222-2222 (on Line2 from your Apple product) with their most outrageous flight stories. Winners get prizes ranging from a shopping trip to New York to iPod Touches. You can read the entries on the web at

The New York Daily News interviewed Slater last Monday and he said, “When it came to discussing crazy behavior on an airplane, apparently my name just kind of bubbled up.” Gee, I wonder why?

The real purpose behind this contest is to promote the Line2 software that allows people to text in-flight on WiFi-equipped planes, and Line2 felt that hiring the “JetBlue jerk” would do the job.

Readership of

10 Nov

As mentioned in a recent post on this blog, Perez Hilton pledged to stop bullying in a YouTube video and in an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Will his pledge affect his readership?

It is ironic that “outing” gay stars was once Perez’s “pet project.”

The point here is, the success of Perez’s website was hugely driven by his backbiting comments about and nicknames he made up for Hollywood celebrities, transforming his website into a spectacle. The UK Independent has a few choice comments from the old days of Perez:

Perez vs Lily Allen

Congrats on your album doing well in America. It’s REALLY HARD to sell copies when u discount it to $3.99. Desperate!


Perez vs Sienna Miller

The British media is reporting that Sluttyienna and Matthew Rhys are dating… Maybe she just knew he’s the one???? More likely, though, she’s just a slut!


Perez vs Jennifer Aniston

When will Maniston FINALLY settle down?! It’s about damn time already!!! We can’t help but feel the sting of Maniston’s loneliness every time her rep tells us she isn’t actually dating anyone. Isn’t there anyone man enough to fill the void in her sad, sad life??


Perez vs Lindsay Lohan

What an effing moron! You’d think with all the people ready to call Lindsanity LOLhan out on her bullshiz, she’d STOP lying!


It would only take Perez one glance at his own website, conscious of the recent wake of suicides, to realize that he really is, or was, the biggest bully in Hollywood. Will this affect his web traffic? The last few times I checked his website, it seemed monotonous and to be honest, boring. What do you think?