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Beyoncé vs. Beyoncé (Vizio Commercial)

7 Dec

Maybe the creators of this commercial were the same people watching the game on the TV at the bar, at the game. Is the image of Beyonce better than Beyonce herself?


Justin Bieber’s Nail Polish Line

18 Nov

Yup, our favorite kid with the bangs in his face is coming out with a Nicole by OPI nail polish line, available at Walmart in December. The collection is named after his songs:

One Less Lonely Glitter (lavender)
Prized Possession Purple (grape)
Give Me The First Dance (silver)
Me + Blue (dark blue)
OMB! (bright red)
Step 2 the Beat of My Heart (heart-shaped glitter)

Apparently, unlike some other pop stars (e.g., Adam Lambert) the Biebs does not wear nail polish. But that doesn’t really matter because tons of his adoring teenage fans do, and they will continue to perpetuate his pervasiveness through the pop culture celebrity marketing machine. Justin Bieber has a nail polish line. What do you even do with that information?

Sports: Morality & The Spectacle

24 Oct

In the wake of several serious injuries in recent football games, there was a thought-provoking article in today’s NYTimes about the morality of watching and contributing to the spectacle and popularity of professional sports that have a history of being (potentially) seriously damaging to the athletes participating in them.

I don’t even watch football, but I had to post to our class blog an article with a quote like this:

“But the frightful Sunday came in the wake of mounting medical evidence about the potentially dire neurological consequences of football on its participants, and called forth some troubling questions: Is it morally defensible to watch a sport whose level of violence is demonstrably destructive? (The game, after all, must conform to consumer taste.) And where do we draw the line between sport and grotesque spectacle?

Brings to mind the gladiator fights in ancient Rome (pictured) and also reminds me of some of the issues brought up in the Chris Hedges readings. It’s fun to root for your team and exciting to watch athletes perform amazing physical feats, but at what cost? If we enjoy watching something but know the people we’re watching are being hurt in the process of creating the spectacle for our entertainment, what does that say about us? Is it our responsibility to abstain from participation or intervene in some way?