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My Zen

5 Dec

Just filled the top rack…time to build some wall shelves for more
(just clamshells…doesnt include the mass of cardboard vhs’ or the few hundred dvds)




20 Oct

I have the above documentary if anyone wants to watch it one day. Features artists Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Space Invader, etc.
Arguable THE most well known “street artist” today. His stencils are world famous while his identity is still “pseudo-anonymous”

Very controversial Banksy produced “Simpson’s” opening

Phone Booth auction:

“Installation” in Disneyland.

Counterfeit cash
princess diana

A view of “freedom” on the Palestinian side of a containment wall

The Authentic Awkward Teen: Pruane2Forever

20 Oct

I remember we saw that clip of the scripted “awkward teen” and I thought of this kid. His youtube handle is Pruane@Forever. He is the real deal. Look through his videos and you can see this is no act (There are 265 now so if you need some recommendations I can help out, or just roll the die and Im sure you will still come out GOLDEN!!). He is teased a lot in comments and sometimes responds to the “haters” in subsequent videos.

This is how I was introduced (first few seconds are enough but watch on if you dare)…

The video below was the result of one of his rants. He caught the attention of someone also certifiably authentic, though in an entirely different circle. The rant is featured as the second half of the video.